Thursday, 21 March 2013

Getting organised

Well yesterday and today I have mainly spent getting organised. Having two weekends away this month has made me fall behind a bit. Having a poorly girl at home isn't helping either :( Getting there though, yesterday I finished unpacking my scrapping stuff and putting it away, parceled up some things I'm sending and made a list of everything that needs done. Scary list. Also included a pretty extensive shopping list I dealt with today :)
As well as getting organised I've been snuggling with the poorly one. She broke my heart the other night, she hadn't eaten all day so I asked if she wanted any dinner, she asked for toast. Mark made her a slice and gave it to her only for her to burst into tears. I asked what was wrong and she replied 'I'm hungry but my tummy doesn't want it.' :( Touch wood she hasn't been sick since yesterday and has been askign for food lots (not that we#ve gave it to her lol) so hopefully it's out of her system.

I love this photo I took on my phone today, I think she has the most adorable little nose and this shows it perfectly. :)
Well anybody reading this blog knows how little spare money we have at the moment. Seriously we're skint lol. However after bad news, then worse news I was more in a 'sod it I'll figure out how to pay for it later' kind of mood. My friend Lesley had recently been to a shop called 'Homesense' and bought a LOAD of scrapbooking stuff really cheap including AC albums which I seriously need. We don't have an homesense but do have a TK maxx which is similar so decided to go there before meeting Mum for coffee. Yeah no albums but plenty of other bits :)

On a good note Cameron is receiving a very special certificate tomorrow. :) The school introduced a new reward system at the start of term called 'The golden book' basically there are 4 steps to get into the golden book and each time you demonstrate a particually good piece of work or behaviour you go up a step and if you get to the top you go in the golden book. Its kind of hard to do as it gets reset every day and its only REALLY good behaviour which earns you a step. Since it was introduced Cameron is the first kid to get into it so he is very proud of himself bless him. :) Very proud Mummy and Daddy too :)


  1. Aww that is such a cute photo - hope she's on the mend! Great shopping haul you got! well done to Cameron too!! x

  2. Enjoy the stash !
    Congratulations to Cameron :)

  3. Aw bless her - what a cute thing to say! Hope she feels better soon and big well done to Cameron x

  4. Well done to Cameron, that's fantastic. I hope Caitlin is better now x

  5. She looks so sweet in that photo. Bless her. Well done to Cameron. Great news :o)

  6. Glad you got some goodies and I hope your baby is better :)


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