Sunday, 17 March 2013


No photos again lol, did plan on taking some but never got around to it. Today was very bittersweet, we had 2 very fun classes, lots of laughs, drinks, food, but while it was all great fun we were all aware it was for the last time. :( Sarah and Lianne have said its not a case of never, just not right now for another retreat so fingers crossed in a couple of years they will have the time again. :) Bless them though I heard them talking and I think running the shop and everything takes up far too much of their lives for their liking. It must be hard being self employed because obviously at the end of the day the buck stops with you so family holidays, birthdays and the like take a back seat.
Saddness aside I'm very excited to be going home tomorrow. :) Seriously have missed Mark and the kids this time. I usually miss them obviously but was really homesick today, if it wasn't the last one think I'd have gone home early.
Well that turned out a bit sad too! Ok Im going to sleep now as early start tomorrow and only had 8 hours sleep since thursday. Will be brighter tomorrow and have some photos, promise!

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  1. Great fun, good to see you again Gemma - until the next time, happy blogging....


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