Monday, 4 March 2013

Home again

Well after an early start this morning got home about lunchtime. I havent even started unpacking my stash yet but thought I'd share with you a Punch I bought at the weekend :)

Ok I know we're super poor but I worked out yesterday I've spent £47 on stash over the past year so thought sod it, and spent the money I made selling exsisting stash on a new punch :) At least I know I'll use it loads as I borrowed Lisas for pretty much the whole weekend lol.
Quick post as tired and feel like I'm fighting off a cold, hope an early night may nip it in the bud :)


  1. Its an investment punch you'll use time and time again so you're allowed it! Think everyone is coming down with the Meadow Barn cold, hope you feel better soon x

  2. You so deserve the punch, and I've got a cold coming too.. Work is needing to be done to find out who is the carrier, Yes, a bit of detective my child, bloody hell I'm turning into Yoda now!!

    Farewell young Padawan
    L xx

  3. I recently bought that punch and already forgot I had it until I saw your pic :/

  4. You really do deserve a treat and that's a lovely punch x


Thanks for your comments. :)