Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Meadowbarn cold.

Well today I've been pretty much laid up with the Meadowbarn cold as it's now known lol. Almost everyone who went away this weekend to the Meadowbarn cottage has got this cold, bah. Hopefully everyone will feel better soon :)
well over the weekend, along with lots of eating, drinking and laughing I managed 22 layouts :) Mojo came along with me obviously! This one was actually the last one I did on Sunday night, by that time I was getting tired so super simple one before I chilled out in front of the fire :)

This is one of Mark and Lillie, though they're not blood related (shes my sisters daughter) they are SO alike! I think they even look alike in this picture. :)

This is another simple one but I really like it. I took my old Sarahs Cards kits with me and managed to use one of them up, this was with the last scraps of the kit and I'm really pleased with it. I love this photo too, Mark took it last Summer when he and my dad took the kids to the park in front of my Mums house. If memory served me and Mum were chilling with Martinis while the men took the kids lol.

Well we're poor again, ugh, came home and our ESA wasn't in the bank, plus even though we were told the bedroom tax wouldn't start until October it starts in April. To be honest though whenever I've spoke to anyone at the council they've giving me different advice so don't think anyone fully knows whats going on :s Well we'll make do, :) always do :) Cameron bless him is so understanding about money. He came home from school and its book wee, now I really don't agree with this but what they do is take the kids in and let them choose a book to buy, then send home a letter to the parents saying what they picked and asking for the money. The book Cameron picked out was £5 from there, but looking online I can get it for £1.35 new on ebay. So told him we wouldnt get it now but might later. He was fine with it but I can see lots of other kids being a bit miffed. He did make me laugh though, came out of school all excited:
Cameron - Mummy! Theres a library at Danesholme where you can borrow books and it doesnt cost you a penny!
Me - Yes I know you go there.
Cameron - No Mummy I've not its in Danesholme!
Me - Cameron, you know that building you go each week to get books?
Cameron - Yeah
Me - And you go for art classes in half term?
Cameron - Yeah
Me - And Daddy takes you in when Mummy is at the shop?
Cameron - Yeah
Me - THATS danesholme library.
Cameron - Oh, *quiet pause* I've been there!
Got to love them.


  1. 22 layouts - wow, you obviously weren't drinking enough!!!

  2. 22! Wow you are so fast! I was really liking the looks of all the ones I saw. Too cute about your conversation with Cameron :) Hope you feel better soon

  3. Well done on 22 layouts. Hope you're feeling better soon x

  4. lol at Cameron now knowing the library! Love both pages but the last one is my fave .

  5. I like them all too, but Skipping Stones is my favourite - great that you're documenting all the kids' stories on your blog! Hope the finances work out ok. x

  6. 22 layouts - wow!!!! I thought I did well making 31 cards. Wish we had got a MB cold - sadly Mr P and I ended up with full blown flu :(

    Looking forward to seeing all the rest of your layouts xx


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