Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Busy week

This week is full of little errands and running about like a looney. I usually prefer these weeks as it makes time pass quickly but not so much this week. This weekend I'm going away with some friends again and I'm looking forward to it and dreading it in equal measure. Really its a further expence I can do without, accomdation is paid for but petrol isn't nor is food on the last day, also the car is acting iffy so I'm worried about the drive down there, plus Cameron has been particually challenging the past few days so bit worried about Mark and my mum handling him. That all said, sure I'll enjoy myself once there :)
Anyway today was getting Camerons hair cut and shopping. He seriously needed it done, I don't think i realised how badly until all of it was all over the floor! We tried to get an appointment for caitlin and Cameron at the same time but no luck so need to rush to get hers doe tomorrow before her dance lesson. Shopping was fun though :) Like I said money is tight at the moment so i was a very happy bunny to get there just as all the meat, bread and veg was being finally reduced for the day :) 8 huge bags of shopping came to only £22.60! Love it :)
Just the one layout today, still from MB lol. This is Cameron at his birthday last year, back then was when he first started doing his daft smile when I took photos, either sucking both his lips in or grinning like a wolf. When he opened his Sonic t-shirt though he was so pleased with it he did this adorable smile, so we called it his sonic smile :)

So tomorrow is Marks drs, clinic for blood tests, housework, caitlins hair appointment then dancing. Thank goodness for slow cooker dinners!

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  1. You WILL enjoy it Gemma, bring some snacky things with you, you won't need o spend a fortune at the hotel then. Or, in true British style, make a butty at lunch time, wrap in napkin, enjoy later ;)


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