Saturday, 9 March 2013

Creative party :)

Today Caitlin had a friends party to go to, I think the Mum must make cakes as there werelots of cake making activities with lots of professional looking things to use. Caitlin had her face painted in rainbows and made this cake :) Well, this was the first, there were another 2 after this lol.

There were also sweet trees, pictures to colour and really impressive favours too.
There was also a huge mile stone today, cameron tooth fell out! Well I say fell, it was hanging by a thread, so I asked to see it, one simple twist and it was out! Camerons face was so funny! Don't think he could have looked more surprised if I'd pulled a rabbit out of his mouth lol.
Still working on my mums book! doubt will be finished by tomorrow but probably won't see her until next week so oh well.


  1. I want to go to a party like that :)

  2. The party sounds fun and Caitlin looks beautiful x


Thanks for your comments. :)