Thursday, 7 March 2013


Did the bills this morning, we are so poor!! lol. We are about -£700 for the next couple of months, luckily my amazing granny is lending us the money to tide us by and we'll pay her back over my and june. We booked Disney last June and money was SO much better back then, will be worth it though :) To cheer me up on the money front a bit I planned our meals for Disney this afternoon. :) Took me almost 3 hours, reading reviews, menus, locations and prices but sorted it down to this:
Day one - Beaver creek, buffet at sequoia lodge hotel. This is the first time we'll eat here despite staying there 3 times in the past but its got great reviews.
Day two - Buffalo bills wild west rodeo :) Camerons special birthday trest. We were going to have lunch at Cafe Mickey as I don't think the kids will eat much of the food at buffalo bills, but its got dreadful reviews lately so thinking Annettes american diner instead.
Day three - Walts, resturant on main street in Disneyland. Never been there but supposed to be really nice inside.
Day four - La grange, steak house buffet next to billy bobs.
Day five - Cape cod, buffet (sense a theme here? lol) in newport bay hotel. Never been in here so looking forward to seeing what the more upmarket hotels are like inside.
Day six - Princess pavilion! I'm most looking forward to this, less for the food, which I doubt the kids will eat as its fine dining french stuff, and more for Caitlins face when all the princess' come out. I will cry, I know that, I cry at the adverts, I cry when I think about it, so I'll probably need to be sedated if I'm honest lol.
Day seven - Silver spur steakhouse, this is in frontierland. Was a bit gutted when i found out that our fave place, the lucky nugget saloon had shut but this is supposed to be nice too :) We all love our local harvester which serves the same kind of food so hopefully will like this.
Day eight, our final day and not covered by our meal plan so probably mcdonalds or the earl of sandwhich shop. :)
God that's a long holiday! We were originally only going for 5 days, to cover Cameron and Caitlins birthdays, but the eurostar didn't run on the days we wanted to go or come back, so this was the shortest time span we could go for. We won't be doing it again in a hurry though and as its for so long we can really relax and take our time and see everything. I'm hoping to take more pictures this time too as with all the running about last time I didn't take many at all.
Anyway off Disney now, had to share the easter egg my loving hubby bought for us :)

Lol! Its one of the massive fancy ones from asda which are usually £10. WAY too much IMO, however as it was smashed to hell was only £1! Much better :) It gets smashed to eat anyway so didnt make much difference to me :) So Mark put it in the trolley and paid for it with his pocket money lol. The four of us have been snacking on it since Tuesday and thats whats still left! Its a huge amount of chocolate.
I still have a lot of layouts to share but thought I'd do just the one today. :) Was really pleased with this one, I love all the papers and they all go together well. I was going to call it Cool dudes but for some random reason my alphas didn't have any o's. I dont means I used them, I mean there were none to start with :s very odd.

Well think I've gone on enough for one evening. Will finish with Caitlins quote of the day, she ran downstairs this afternoon will all her fake rings and everything on shouting 'I'm a call girl!' Um, no you are not young lady!! After asking turns out she meant 'cool' but can't say it lol. She'd not been told shes a beautiful girl, MUCH less likely to get social services calling me if she says it at school!


  1. Wow you have got meals at Disney sorted and the buffet at Sequoia Lodge is lovely so is Annette's :) If you're going for that long then why not take the kids to see the Eiffel Tower, it's so easy to get there from Disney on the train and Monmartre and Sacre Coeur are on the way and are amazing places to visit.

    I love the layout x

  2. You're so organised Gemma, you'll have a fantastic time :o)
    What a bargain that egg was!

  3. Will there be any egg left for next weekend!?
    Lol at Caitlin's "call girl"


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