Wednesday, 6 March 2013

So cold!

Now I know it's wednesday, and I usually do a Whats on your workdesk wednesday, but I'm doing my Mums mothers day minibook at the moment, and while she doesn't look at my blog I know it will be sods law if I share how it's going that will be the day she decides to look lol. Luckily I still have many layouts form Meadowbarn to share. :)
This was the first one I did when I got there and I did it as a double layout. We went to a theme park called Twin lakes last year with Pen green. Unknown to us they had built a HUGE water area. There were loads of water guns, waterfalls and all sorts of ways to get soaked. Kids had a great time :)

This is a really simple layout. i was planning on doing more to it but I put this down as it was and quite liked it :) It's a really old photo of Caitlin at Great Yarmouth, must be 3 years ago now. She was on one of those mini rides you get in arcades that cost like £2 for just over a minute but kids love them lol. Cameron was in the photo but he wasn't enjoying it quite as much so I cut him out.

He was much happier in these photos at his birthday last year :) Look at the little smily face I made with some thickers, arn't I clever :)

Still feeling rough today, had to go shopping though so at least thats done. Think the kids ate for pretty much the entire weekend as needed so much! Off to get a cup of tea and take some more cold/flu pills I think :)


  1. They are all gorgeous layouts x

  2. They looked just as lovely irl Gemma - hope you feel better soon x

  3. Great layouts Gemma :)
    How many will you get done next weekend?

  4. You could have filled an album with all the layouts you made! All lovely and colourful and just right as they are. Fab picture of Caitlin in the middle!


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