Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter crafting

Today was my voluntary day at the kids school. Sadly, the crafting supplies there are slim to none, seriously glue is like gold dust let alone any pretty papers or anything. So today we made easter cards, and I took in most of my punches and some sheets of patterned paper for them to go mad with. :) They LOVED it! They didn't really care about putting the card together they just loved punching out all the butteflies, flowers and other bits. I always love watching kids do crafting as they always think outside the box. one little boy today punched lots of birds wings from my build a bird punch, and used them as raindrops! Never even considered that idea :)
Was really touched too as today was my last day before Easter half term and they had bought me an easter egg, :) Hadn't even considered a thank you gift from them as to be honest I really love doing it. :)
Anyway still sharing layouts form the retreat, lol. Havent done any crating since home so good job I have these to share. This was one for a challenge. We were given 4 sheets of double sided paper and a ribbon. We were allowed to make anything we wanted btu only using the papers, cardstock, mists, paints and adhesive. This was my attempt.

I punched out lots of strips from the pp and used it to make this side of the heart. I was going to do the same on the other side for the edging but ran out of paper and time lol.

This was one I did myself, the photo is another from Turkey. I called it 'come on in the water great' as its my Mum taking the picture and it looks like my Dad is calling her. Shes terrified of water so wouldnt go in granted but I still like the title. lol

Only another 2 days and then its half term! Looking forward to nice lazy days with the kids but keeping everything crossed the weather improves! Think everyone will be tearing their hair out if we're stuck in for the whole 2 and a half weeks!


  1. Love your challenge layout and all the banners on the second :)

  2. Love all those punched strips on the heart - so pretty :) Great title for the second one too. Enjoy your egg!


Thanks for your comments. :)