Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Feeling very fortunate :)

Today has been a very humbling day leaving me feeling very fortunate for everything I have. my kids drive me mad at times but they are SO sweet and funny and most importantly healthy; Mark may be poorly and hard work sometimes but he is a very thoughtful husband and an amazing father; and while I don't see them very often I have such sweet friends I talk to online :) You might remember I mentioned the washi tape I used on a layout the other day which my friend Lesley had, I came home today to find that she had sent me her roll! Was so touched as obviously I hadn't asked for it and it was a complete surprise and very much apprechiated. :) I was also thrilled as Lesley is organising a retreat for her local crop and I get to go to! I admit when Sarah announced there would be no more retreats for a while my first thought was that I wouldn't be seeing her, Gillian or my new friend Ali again for a while so quite excited about it :)
Speaking of retreats heres more layouts from Sarahs! lol.
This was a class by Jen Naulls, now I have never liked the idea of project life, all the little pictures don't appeal to me, however I LOVE this layout. :) Its perfect for all the little photos from somewhere that don't really need their own layout and its so quick and easy to do. These are all photos from our holiday in Turkey, hope to go back one day :)

This is a class by Helen Eddie and actually was my fave of the weekend. :) the stitching is supposed to be more hexagons that crosses but I started doing mine after 5 shots, 3 glasses of wine and while chatting so I kinda forgot lol. Still like it though :) We used liquid pearls to make the red dots which I love the look of, loved all the layering too :)

Well tomorrow is the last day before half term, yey! So excited about a couple of weeks with the kids at home. Not go much outdoors planned as indoor stuff is pricey and well, its pretty obvious why most outdoor activities are out!! have lots of their friends coming over to play though (on different days) and have a couple of parties and events at pen green too, thinking about it its pretty packed!

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  1. Gorgeous pages Gemma and you did far better on the sewing than I did!
    Hope to see that washi on a few layouts soon :D


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