Thursday, 28 March 2013

Modeling with packaging

A little while ago we bought some american juice from a website, cybercandy, as well as being covered in bubble wrap there were loads of these packaging peanuts inside too. I'd got these before in a Lush gift box and in there it had a little booklet showing how to use these to make little models. Thought it would keep the kids quiet for a bit so poured them out. :)

Almost 3 hours later (and Mummy and Daddy doing a couple too) these are some of the models we made :) I actually had to tell the kids to put it away for dinner or else they would have carried on! We have the cybercandy robot, a fish in water, a rocket, a horse, a house, a birthday cake and a flower. :) We still have a pile left for tomorrow too to keep them occupied :)

Ohhhh lol, I put the picture of the models on the Cybercandy facebook page and they liked them so much they're sending us some free sweets and using it in their newsletter! :) Kids are very proud of themselves lol.


  1. That's so fab that they have free "candy" coming!

  2. And so they should be very proud - don't let them eat too many sweets though :)

  3. Lol I hate those things, they alwasy used to come in my design team box and although they work really well they just stick to everything! The kids used to like to help me unpack my box because they loved how the peanuts stuck all over them :) Love what the kids made and that is so fab that they are getting some sweets and being included in the newsletter no wonder they are proud! :)

  4. They have done a great job with those models x


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