Friday, 15 March 2013

Sarahs cards day one :)

Yep I'm on a retreat again :) However no more for the rest of the year :( and sadly this is the last Sarahs cards one!! Really sad to hear that but it must be a lot of organising and with running the shop and having families Sarah and Leanne decided they just can't do it anymore. gutted but understandable. Just makes me more determined to enjoy this one :)
Had one class tonight but need to add a title so won't share it just yet. Started a couple of my own layouts but won't share those either lol. Will share the mess though!

Love being in a room full of stash, its great fun to see what other people have and what it looks like in real life, never looks the same online iykwim. Having a great laugh with the usual suspects and I won the raffle! ok so everyone did but thats not the point, still a thrill to win :)
Right well want to get on and finish this layout before bed, will blog more tomorrow lol


  1. Oh so sad it's the last one. At least we can look forward to MB next year! Look forward to seeing your layouts and have a great weekend x

  2. How sad that it is the last one - Sarah's Cards for me has always been the best retreat and I am sad that I didn't make it to the last one :(

    Looking forward to seeing all your classes xx

  3. Sounds like the weekend was a bit dramatic! Hope you had fun and look forward to seeing your projects when you're ready to share! :)


Thanks for your comments. :)