Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sarahs cards day 2

Day two :) Still no photos of layouts lol. I did try and take some but the crop room has no natural light so they just turned out washed. Did manage some more though including some great classes.
This afternoon was a bit dramatic! One of the girls leslie has a bad back and after twisting the wrnog way was in a lot of pain :( She decided a nice hot bath would help so I walked her back to her room, only to find her doorhandle on the floor along with some tools. Random. So I walked down to reception to report it. There was a huge queue so as Leslie was standing in pain I went to the front to ask for help. 'Excuse me there is a queue!' the snotty guy who moaned at me at check in snapped 'I don't care my friend can't get in her room there's no doorhandle' I replied. The woman waiting behind me burst out laughing, her poor hubby looked more like 'why are we staying here?'. Anyway he said he'd send someone up so I went back up to find a guy trying to pry her door open with a screwdriver. He said he'd be a while so we went into traceys room which luckily was right next to Leslies to wait. After a few moments I went to check on progress to see two guys, leaning on a crowbar ripping the frame off the door! they finally got in and managed to fix it. At which point we thought 'Photos!' I managed to take one without the guy noticing too much. lol. crazy scrapping ladies.

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  1. LOL!!! What a nightmare, but the story didn't end there did it Gemma!!!!


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