Monday, 11 March 2013

Got played

Well I have a very unhappy little boy upstairs. He woke up at stupid hours of the morning and made sure everyone else was awake by making daft noises. After ignoring him for about an hour we all got up only for him to suddenly be sturck down by stomach ache. I did suspect he was putting it on but after telling him he can't have breakfast if poorly, or chocolate cake after dinner, and him being fine with it I thoguht better safe than sorry and sent him back to bed. Should have trusted my instincts though as the second I had took Caitlin out the door he made a miraculous recovery! When I got back i sent him back to bed so a MAJOR tantrum later he going to school for the afternoon session. I think partly he was tired as he got up so early so a nap will do him good.
Anyway onto some more MB layouts :) Almost finished my Mums book but probably won't get any crafting done other than that as off on another retreat this weekend and need to pack for that :)
This layout used up lots of bits I've had for ages, the photo is from a while ago, I'd just finished building Caitlins bed and took a photo of her in it, she decided she wanted to take one of me and daddy so she did :) The flower I got in a homemade flower swap last year sometime, and rhe little loveheart charm was from when I first started crafting :) I picked the title 'The course of true love never did run smooth' as I did this for a challenge asking you to use a shakespear quote, and thought it fit quite well with me and Mark lol.

I love this photo of Cameron, he has a habit of when hes thinking he sticks his tongue out or sucks his bottom lip. very cute but leads to a lot of red marks around his mouth! The 5 was from his 5th birthday badge.

Well Camerons now moaning he's hungry so lunch then school it is!


  1. Got to adore his attempt, but don't give in!!!


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