Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Poorly people

While I'm very glad to be home, not so glad Caitlins way of welcoming me home is to throw up constantly. :( Poor baby gets everything going and there's been a tummy bug going about her school so not too surprised. Marks not too well either as hes coughing and sneezing so very poorly household today!
Have started to unpack my stuff very slowly, had all my stuff organised and sorted before I went but now lots more to find places for! Finally photographed my layouts though :)
This was one I did myself, I got the pink ribbon and flower in the goodie bag when I arrived (very generous as usual). The photos are from just before the kids birthday party last year. Most of the papers are from an old SC kit I hadn't touched, no idea why as it was a beautiful kit!

This was a class by Tracy Gough. I LOVED these papers and embellishments, by Simple stories called snap (I think lol) You got a pack of stickers which were great value as there were loads of different types in amazing bright colours.

This was Louise Stevensons class. I missed this one due to the door drama (see previous post lol) but it was pretty easy to do outside of class. The idea was to doodle on the back page then cut out the little windows so you can see it. Now I don't doodle so as the photo was of Caitlin I planned to bring that part home for her to do. To save time I wanted to cut up the bits needed so only needed to stick it all down when home. Thing is with chatting I got distracted and just kept going and stuck it all down lol, so had to cheat and just doodle through the holes instead. Still like it though :) This wasn't the picture I originally choose but think it goes well as this was a cardboard house I bought for Caitlin a few christmas' ago which she coloured in and drew all over.

We also made this little flower which was SO easy but very cute! All it is is a punched 6 petal flower, with a small slit at the end of each petal and a ribbon threaded though. Will certainly be making more of these :)

Well Caitlins now fell fast asleep on the couch so going to do some more unpacking while shes peaceful. Fingers crossed shes better soon!


  1. Hope everyone recovers soon. Glad you got Lou's class finished :)

  2. Oh dear, I hope everyone gets better soon! Glad you enjoyed your weekend and how sad that they will not be doing anymore, I know how much you loved those retreats! :)

  3. Those layouts are gorgeous x


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