Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Big kid

I have no idea what I'm doing. I've got soooooooo much to do and feel so behind so have kind of lost all perspective. I've done my usual thing though and made a list so hopefully that will help. :)
Had a meeting with the school tonight to discuss what Christmas events the PTA are doing so that was fun. We've only just started so we're kind of all over the place trying to figure out how to do stuff, what we're allowed to do re insurance and all that so its a bit hectic! Its nice too though as the school didn't really do much compared to other schools I know, they didn't do discos, after school clubs etc so we're putting all that in place and the kids are getting really excited about it :)
As I was at the meeting dinner was just a freezer meal tonight, just made lots of chips, chicken nuggets etc and let Mark and the kids serve themselves. This is what my big kid did.
Got to love the nutter lol. Did lead to an interesting conversation about what was the best meal out we'd ever had. Reminded me of an Italian resturant I went to YEARS ago. My ex boyfriend, me, my sister and her ex (eldest 2 girls dad) had gone on a coach trip together to the Isle of wight. This obviously was back when things were normal lol. Looking back I've NO idea what possessed us to go because we were the youngest there by a good 40 odd years but seemed a good idea at the time! Was actually a great holiday, lots of locally made cider, games of snooker, playing in the pool etc but the food was dreadful! It wasn't too bad quality wise but I think they must have been rationing it or something because the portions were TINY! I ordered fish one night and I swear it was a goldfish. We were all sitting making that squeaking noise you make when you're trying not to laugh. It was included in the holiday so we put up with it but on our last night we decided to splurge and left the hotel for a nearby italian. Now I don't know if we were just starving by that point but it was one of the best meals I've ever had. We ordered loads, pizza, lasania, spag bol etc and the portions were massive! The pizza was hanging over the edge of the plate. We were the only ones there so the staff were joking with us, playing music on violins and everything so was a great night out too. :) Shame really as we used to have a great time together. Oh well. :) Right I'm off to make gifts for the teachers, first thing on the list!

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  1. Bless that big kid!
    Hope you get a few things ticked off that list!


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