Sunday, 10 November 2013


With everything that's been going on Christmas has understandably taken a back seat in my Mums mind. With the girls being back at home this weekend (and hopefully back in our care soon) we decided to make the most of it and spend the day Christmas shopping.
Started off with a Costa to plan our attack lol. I tried a gingerbread and cream latte, which came with little glitter starts! Doesn't take much to impress me does it lol.
No I admit my No spend November did take a bit of a slide. Some I can defend as we usually go shopping in December so I had money put away for a few items, others I can't but its done now. We did have an amazing day though. We went over to leicester which I haven't been to since the kids were babies and has changed so much! There were lots of little shops to get interesting trinkets in and a Disney store which is a must for me lol. Ever since Camerons was born I've bought him the limited edition teddy that the Disney store brings out every year. The idea is that I buy him that, plus something for Caitlin like a figurine or whatever and when they're older they can keep them, give them to their kids, ebay them, whatever they want to do lol. I think they're cute anyway, this is this years :)
I also got, amazingly, a dress to wear christmas day. yes thats right a dress! I must be turning into a proper 'girl' or something lol. Its really pretty though, all floaty and flattering which is a good idea for christmas day I always find! Mum got lots of gifts too so shes pretty much finished the kids and most of her friends gifts so was a productive day out. I did manage to hold off buying un-needed things but then we found a paperchase and it all went wrong *hangs head in shame* ended up spending £10 on washi tape. In my defence I could have spent a LOT more so I'm at least learning to cut down! That counts right? :p Also got these wood shapes from TKmaxx which were on offer for £3 for the lot as one box had burst.
Since I drove Mum paid for the coffee and dinner which is our usual arrangement so that wasn't too bad. We went to a pub for dinner and I had a pulled pork bbq burger. It might have been that we hadn't eaten all day and were laden down with heavy bags but it was one of the best meals out I've ever had! lol. So No spend November has had a little blip. Back on the wagon tomorrow!

No spend November (woops)
Petrol £20 (did need this)
Christmas dress - £25 (but this was budgeted for for next month)
Micky mouse teddy for Cameron - £30 (same excuse as above)
Washi tape from paperchase - £10 (no excuse here lol)
Wood shapes - £3 (but was a bargain!)

Amount spent £68 (my bad)

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