Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bonfire party

Tonight was Marks friends bonfire party :) He has it every year and the kids love it! I love it too as its one of the very very few times I get to stay home on my own :) Usually obviously Mark can't take the kids anywhere without help but at the party all his friends are there to help so I know they're all safe :)
As usual kids had a great time :) Sounds like it was a good job I wasn't there as all the kids trashed the living room, getting all the pillows from the beds and couches and rolling around on them. Think I would have freaked out!
Managed to get some more crafting bits done and lots of cleaning too. Amazing how much I can get done in an empty house. Glad I did as two very hyped up children came home after stuffing themselves with sweets, and Cameron had a black eye! He has no idea where he got it. What was it I was saying about them being safe? *rolls eyes*

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