Thursday, 28 November 2013

Got to laugh

When we bought Scamp, I made a trip to the pet shop to buy a bed, puppy pads and of course toys, some of which cost more than the shoes I was wearing at the time. And WHAT are his fave toys?! An emoty crisp packet and this.
Half a roll of sellotape. Reminds me of when the kids were younger and they just played with the boxes and paper at Christmas. Its funny as anything watching him though. His crisp packet is pretty much the same size as him, so when hes strutting along holding it in his mouth its either sticking up, blocking his view and making him walk into walls, or its sticking down, and he steps on it and gets all confused why it keeps being pulled out of his mouth. I think thats why he likes the sellotape a bit better, theres a big hole he can see through :)

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