Monday, 11 November 2013

Organised :)

Today didn't quite start off to plan lol. Woke up and looked at the clock 'OH MY GOD ITS 8:25!' Considering I had to iron the kids uniforms on top of the usual morning breakfasts, teeth, washing etc I was very impressed with myself that I got the kids in the school doors, on time, at 9am. Thank god its cold though as under my big coat and wool hat was my pj top (shoved jeans on top of my bottoms lol) and unwashed, unbrushed hair lol.
Managed to get a bit more organised after that though :) Rung the social and updated them on the weekends events. Rob showed up at my sisters on Saturday night, apparently she was drunk and with some guy downstairs. Sounds about right. Based on the txts I've been getting tonight I'm guessing she still had some drink left but that's for tomorrows phonecall! Anyway she said she would go see my sister and see how things were but haven't heard back so not sure how that worked out.
After social Mark and I made a quick trip to Tesco for some shopping before town to put money in the bank. Stopped in at costa for a coffee with my Mum too which was nice, :) Mark and my Mum don't really get to chat often as usually when they're together the kids are around and not much chatting gets done! Mark had some of his 'pocket money' left so treated me to a doughnut. Looks a bit messy but SOOOO yummy!
Tonight was really nice. I always say that I can cope with all the crap going on outside the house because I can come home, close the doors and it is perfect. Yeah the kids fight and Mark does my head in sometimes but it really is a little haven. :) Tonight me and the kids cuddled up and watched some 'My little pony' together which I admit I really like! lol. We made some figures from Hama beads then when the kids went to bed I made some Christmas tags. Starting to scare me how quick November is going!

Funny comments from Kids:
Cameron singing 'Jingle bells' - Bells on butt tails ring!

Caitlin - Mummy why don't your shoes sparkle like Cinderellas?
Me - Because I'm not a princess
Caitlin - No but you're like before, when she cleans and cooks and gets told what to do lots.
Not sure how I should take that lol.

No spend November, back on the wagon :)
Shopping - Milk, turnip, fruit, bread - £9.50
Costa with Mum and Mark - Used points from card - £0 :)

Total spend - £9.50


  1. Isn't it lovely when you can just shut the world away :)

  2. I love it when I get home and close the front door on the world. The quotes from the kids really made me laugh x


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