Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pick your precious

Well its almost the end of the year, so almost the end of 'pick your precious' over on Sians blog.
This month I've picked the photos of Cameron, me and Mark on our living room wall. At Camerons baby shower I got some great gifts including a voucher for Venture, a photography company. It included a free photography session and a picture worth £75. Now you would think for £75 you could get a pretty decent picture, nope, it was a normal 6x4 one!
We went for the photo shoot when Cameron was a few months old, and a week later we went to view and pick them. I thought it was going to be like in Boots, they show you some on a computer screen and you pick them, nooooo it was salesmen genius lol. They sit you in a little cinema room, give you a glass of wine, play soppy music and show you them all in a slideshow on the screen. I was so emotional! Before we went in we had set a budget of £250 which got either one large photo in a frame or two small ones. By the end of it I would have remortgaged the house to get them all! In the end we bought this set in the frame.
For the bargain price of..........£3000. Lol. I know I look back now and think '3grand on photos?!?!' but in my defence I was planning to go back to work and continue to make a good wage. Then Caitlin came along lol. In fact I blame her a little, I later found out I was pregnant with her when I went to view the photos (woops on the wine) so think the hormones didn't help!

No spend November is going well :) I've decided to list everything I do buy on my blog to keep track, and also to shame me into sticking to it!
Bought today:
- Cat food (needed)
- Milk (needed)
- Cheese (run out, use in lots of meals so needed)
- Yogurts (afterwards wondered if needed or classed as a treat really, but only 37p so not going to beat myself up about it lol)
- Batteries (needed for emergency torches for car and house)
- Apples, oranges, bananas (needed)
Spent - £12.11 :)


  1. Been there done that, got the expensive photos!!
    Great idea to list your spends on the blog - keep it up :)

  2. That is a great story Gemma and a lovely set of photos x

  3. Those photos are a beautiful focal point. But I am with you, photographers must take lessons in how to sell based on emotion. I never stick to a budget either - and given that my daughter's senior pictures are coming up - I'd better brace myself as well.


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