Friday, 15 November 2013

Lots of little bits

Today has been a very all over the place day, started with taking Cameron Scotland project into school with him, he was so proud of it bless him :) We had a huge sheet of white posterboard in the garage so filled it with facts about Scotland, a print of our family tartan, family crest etc. He did ask me to make some shortbread to take into school but bad Mummy I am I didn't get the time so bought some instead. After dropping the very proud boy off at school I had to drive about delivering things people had bought then went to a meeting with Homestart to find out what we were doing over Christmas. I love all the Christmas events as they usually let me take Mark along or they're short enough I can sort him out anyway. This year I'm super excited as we're going to Twin lakes :) I did look into taking the kids there to see Santa but was wayyyy out of our budget, so now we can go! After a few more odd jobs was time for home and watching films with the kids.
Tonight is much of the same, tv and sorting this...
into these......
I did have all my brads and bits sorted at one time but moving them, using them and Caitlin means that they've all got mixed up. Boring, tedious but sure I will be glad when this job is done!


  1. I love a good sort out of craft stuff and making it all tidy again - it is very therapeutic. I could sit and sort beads out all day long LOL. sounds like you have some nice Christmassy stuff to look forward to x


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