Saturday, 23 November 2013

Day of The Doctor!!!!

Ok I know I've been AWOL the past couple of days but I just haven't done anything noteworthy! Had a few meetings, repainted the kitchen, cleaned, nothing worth blogging about. Today however I've been looking forward to for MONTHS! Its the day of The Doctor!! I've a HUGE Doctor Who fan and so excited about the 50th anniversary episode. When we got our new TV last year Mark insisted on a 3d one. I was never bothered as I tend to be doing something else, like being on the computer or scrapping while watching TV which is a lot harder with 3d glasses on, but with this episode being in 3D I'm actually glad we got it lol.
As we're shoving the kids up to bed early with sweets and a dvd so we can watch it, we thought it would be nice to spend some time as a family first. I bought the 'I'm a celebrity game' form Iceland last week so decided to give that a go. Basically it's like snakes and ladders but if you go up a ladder you eat a treat (marshmallow or choc brownie) but if you go down a snake you eat a nasty. There are lots of these, worms (shaped fish) snot balls (sour apple profiteroles) whitchity grubs (spinich gnocchi). Caitlin bless her had one bite of the gnocchi and quit, while Cameron gave it a good go and had worms and monkey vomit (salsa). I had a snot ball. I didn't think it was goign to be so slimy inside and it was gross! All squirted out and dripped down my arm, eugh.
Mark ended up winning and ate all the gnocchi for fun. Strange man.
Wanted the ground to open up and swallow me yesterday. We were in the queue in Asda when Cameron broke wind. The woman behind us actually started to choke and went to a bigger queue to get away! Cam just looked at me like 'What?'

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  1. Buying games in no spend November - tut, tut!!!


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