Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Cameron and Caitlin don't ask for things very often. They're not the type of kids who see an advert for a toy and ask for it right off the bat which on one hand is good, because obviously I don't want spoiled kids, but on the other hand makes it a nightmare to buy for birthdays and Christmas! Which is why, when Caitlin came to me and asked if she was a really really good girl, and asked really really nicely could Santa bring her a gift, I was very excited. Whatever it was she was about to ask for I would find and buy I was determined, then I asked what it was she wanted. A My little pony dress up outfit. Can I find a suitable one? Can I hell. Its either a tutu dress in the colours of the pony with a picture on, a bodysuit with a mask (for £50!!) or somethign that looks like it should come from Ann Summers. So onto plan B. One of my friends said you can get My little pony pillow pets which I knew Caitlin would love so I thought I'd look into that. Now this is were it got disturbing. I like the My little pony program, its funny at times. But apprently theres a whole group of people called 'bronies' who seem to take it to a whole different level. Want to see what I mean? Google 'Pinkie pie pillow' and see some of the images that come up. I'm SOOOOO glad I didn't do it when the kids were around! Won't be able to look at the show the same way now! Did manage to find a nice little beanie toy and order it though so at least I wasn't traumatised for nothing!
So trying to wipe that from my mind I decorated my Christmas book form Stampin up. I decided to use it less like a planner or more like a 'what we did this year' so I could look back and see how thigns changed. I quite like the front but not sure if the gingerbread man turned out more creepy or cute? lol. I wanted to keep the cover simple and not too 3d so it will last through the years.
Inside I've started to make notes on what I've done so far, such as what gifts I've got for who. Had to cut this picture down as Marks list is on the right hand side and I know he reads this blog sometimes ;)
Well No spend November is still going ok. I've had to buy more food than I'd have liked, don't think I planned my meals as well as I thought I had, but other than that I've managed to resist splurging. I must admit I must have been wasting some money before, as the amount I've managed to pay off on the credit card is surprising even me. We've had a few unexpected expencises; paint for the kitchen after the council ruined the walls putting in new pipes, new duvet for Caitlin after she had an accident and it needed to be chucked, but if I can get the bill down to under a grand by Christmas I'll be ectatic. :) Managed to make about £150 selling stuff so far so that's helped make a dent. Just got to keep plodding on really!

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