Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Elf door swap :)

One of my Christmas swaps I'm in is an elf door swap on UKS. I sent mine ages ago but annoyingly seems to have gone walkies in the post so will need to make another one, grrrr. But I'm glad to say that mine made it to me safe and sound :)
Isnt it cute! We decided to get 'The elf on the shelf' this year and to prepare the kids for it I told them about a week ago that if they were good santa was going to send us a magic door, then when December came a elf might come live with us and get in and out using the door. Cameron was a bit skeptical but Caitlin was very excited. When I showed them the door when they came home there was a lot of discussion about where it should go. It can't go downstairs, the dog might eat the elf when he comes in, but it can't go upstairs, the elf might fall down the stairs! Maybe on the counter in the kitchen? No because Mummy might make a mess of it when shes cooking, and not in the bathroom, that's just gross! In the end I managed to convince them that the elf can fly, so upstairs would be fine as he could just fly downstairs. That sorted we go to stick it onto the wall. I find im out of blutac. Bugger, lol. SO its now leaning against the wall ready for Sunday when our elf comes to stay :)

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  1. Cute door and can't wait to see what your elf gets up to!


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