Friday, 8 November 2013

Depressing post

Well today has been pretty soul destroying. I've mentioned before about my sister and her numerous problems, and that a couple of months ago the social services finally told us to take the girls away from her or else they would put them into care. Well a couple of days after that happened the social worker who said that left. Since then I've made phonecalls pretty much daily, made visits where I've sat around for hours forcing someone to see me and generally everything I could to make myself a pain in the ass and get things moving. Each time I was made the same promise 'We will allocate someone to your case soon, please hold on and keep doing what you are doing' This week it was breaking point. We've all struggled with the situation, trying to get girls to and from school, dealign with all of them during the holidays, comforting them when they're crying for their Mum etc. So after being PROMISED that someone would be given our case yesterday at the latest we went down today and demanded to see a manager. We did, and she told us to give the girls back to my sister. I nearly fell off my chair. Apprently the social worker who told us to take them didn't make ANY notes on saying that, didn't put the girls back onto the at risk register or basically do anything, so we have to give the girls back until someone can be given our case and assessments made. I admit I lost it, I honestly couldn't believe all we had done was for nothing. The poor girls were just starting to settle in and feel safe and now they're being sent back! Plus lets face it my sisters laughing. When we told her she could have the girls her reply was 'Well I can't have them tonight, I'm going to a concert' I swear to god if she was in front of me when she said that rather than on the phone I would be in a cell right now.
So as things stand our only home is that we can convince Nicola to allow us to keep the girls. But since the girls bring benifits I can't see that happening. Just so amazed that the system can do this. No wonder situations like baby P keep happening :( Sorry for the depressing post but well, thats just been my day. :(


  1. Gemma, stay strong love and keep fighting. The system stinks - have you though about going to your MP? Let's hope the girls stay safe until the awful situation is sorted. Hugs x

  2. It's such a horrible thing that you're going through but you are so strong and you seem to be coping so well. I'm glad you haven't ended up in a cell, my thoughts would have been the same if it had of been me x

  3. You are trying so hard to do what's right for your nieces ... it's both amazing and abominable no one will listen to you. Stay strong and keep fighting for those beautiful girls who had no say in who their rotten parents were... wishing you hugs and strength. xxx


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