Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Not enough hours

There just hasn't been enough hours in today. I had aimed to get Camerons room sorted, then do some scrapping before getting dinner and everything sorted for bonfire night. However once I had sorted Camerons room, my room looked like this.
So I set about sorting it. Mark was able to sit and sort most of the clothes for me so that helped :) but it took me nearly 4 hours to photograph and list all the toys and bits for sale online by which time it was time to pick up the kids from school. we were supposed to be going to our local fireworks display but after telling Caitlin there were no seats (she was aghast!) they decided they would rather stay home :)
So despite no scrapping, and starting to feel like I'm getting a cold I've now gutted Camerons room, tidied most of ours, sold some toys and had a nice family evening eating hot dogs, home made apple crumble and playing daft games :) Was glad we didn't go to the display in the end as the kids watched out the window for about 10 minutes then declared they were bored and went off to play lol.

No spend November still going well. :) I do a lot of questionnaires and product testing online cashed in my points to get Amazon vouchers to buy the gifts for Marks family :)
So Christmas gifts bought = 3
Cash spent = £0 :)

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  1. It all sounds very positive, Gemma - especially around the no spending! I do hope you're not coming down with the lurgy, though ... your evening in sounds very cosy! :D


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