Monday, 25 November 2013

New family members :)

Well I did try to blog yesterday but something was up with my netbook and wouldn't let me log in to my account. SO first I will share the new baby my Mum brought into the family on Saturday :)
This is Poppy the cavichion puppy. My Mums wanted one for ages and finally bit the bullet and got her. Shes settling in well so far and obviously all the kids adore her. Its funny as I always said my Dad was going to be a softie but Mum didn't beleive me. Well I'm right lol. Poppy does cry a bit in the night as puppies do when getting used to their homes, but last night my Dad took her into his bedroom and let her sleep on his bed. Then today Mum rung him and asked where Poppy was 'Um, on the couch' was the reply. Mum is more strict and with Dad on the night shift this week hope Poppy enjoyed sleeping in a bed as won't be happening again!
Well now my Mums new baby has been introduced let me introduce mine!
This is Scamp the Pugzu. :) No spend November was half to pay off debt and also to save to get a puppy. Mark has been really depressed for a while, feeling like there no point to getting up in the morning as though I'm in the house I'm usually doing cleaning, DIY etc so unless he needs me to help him I'm not really company iykwim. So we thought a puppy would be a great companion for him and also for the kids and me to play with. We were originally planning to wait until the new year where the rescue centers were bound to be full of unwanted Christmas puppies but then saw one for sale locally for only £350 on Sunday. That was a bargain as most we saw were in the £450-£500 mark so decided to txt and ask for her as we had enough put away for that. We were thrilled when the woman said yes we could collect her Tuesday, but then when we asked for her address she went silent. I eventually phoned her to be told puppy was sold :( Gutted. Mark was really upset and only ones I could find in our area were £75 more and had only been put up for sale that night so I doubted she would take a lower offer. Decided to ring and ask though and she said yes! She only had boys but I wasn't fussed about gender and think Mark prefers a boy anyway. The seller was lovely and seemed really keen that he went to a good home rather than making money so she was happy that he was going to have company all day. She told me her friend breeds puggles and actually had one returned the same day as the couple got the puppy home, he peed on the rug so they returned him! Seriously?! Hope they don't have kids! Scamp certainly isn't house trained and seemed determined to poop on my rug rather than on the huge wooden, easy clean floor we have but we'll get there :) Did try to give him a bath but he kept trying to drink the soapy water so gave up on that idea in case it made him poorly. We're all smitten with him and feels like he's been in the family forever. Kids asked if he was their Christmas gift and I joked he was and they were getting no toys. Both said 'ok' and went back to playing. :) Bella is less than thrilled and is avoiding him like the plague but hoping she'll get used to him. We've been giving her lots of cuddles and as her bed is upstairs which obviously he can't get to anyway we're hoping she doesn't feel too much like her space has been invaded.
Expect lots of posts about my baby in the future!


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