Saturday, 30 November 2013

York craft fair

Wayyyyyyy back in August I booked tickets on a coach trip to York Christmas market. mark and I used to go to York a lot and went to the Christmas market before the kids were born so thought it would be nice to go again. :) Well there was LOTS of drama and we almost didn't make it but we ended up going in the end. First my babysitting fell through, then the car wouldn't start, then when we got there we realised that though I'd given my dad a front door key, I'd left a key IN the front door inside so he needed a back door key! Luckily one of Marks friends Eric lived nearby where the coach picked up so we dropped a back door key into him to drop in to my Dad for us. So all that done and off to york! OMG I've NEVER seen it so busy! There were just people everywhere and queues in the shops were crazy. Due to this we didn't really buy anything but enjoyed the atmosphere and a hot chocolate :)
Guy running the coach laughed when we got back on, he asked my Gran what she got 'A greggs sausage roll' was the reply. Well worth the 8 hour round trip then!

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