Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmas decorations

Caitlin bless her has been crafting again :) I've been making Christmas decorations for a swap I'm in so Caitlin decided to give it a go herself.
She had some large chipboard letters I gave her ages ago and made one into a candy cane :) Every year we buy the kids a decoration for the tree representing either a big event that year (first day at school) or a big interest for the year (mario last year lol) The idea is that when the kids grow up and move out they can take the decorations for their own tree :) Probably won't work out that way, probably will end up being one of those things which only come out when they know I'm coming to visit but hey its the thought that counts! Anyway this year I've made Cameron a Skylander decoration as I couldn't find out to buy ANYWHERE, and I've bought Caitlin a little 3d chipboard decoration she can paint and decorate with bling. Girl loves her bling lol. This one I will put on their little tree I think :)

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