Sunday, 17 November 2013

I'm a celebrity!!

I LOVE I'm a celebrity!!! I love that its another sign Christmas is getting closer, I love watching people freak out, I love Ant and Dec, I just LOVE it!!!
So my plan for tonight is a tub of celebrations (will share with mark I swear) a cup of tea and the tv, SO excited!!!
Before that though have the usual Sunday routine to go through, homework, tidying up after the weekend, bath, uniforms etc. The kids went to Dads group today for the first time in a while so managed to get lots done there. They had a great time too planing bulbs and making a mess :) Also wrapped a load of Christmas gifts, eeeeeeekkkkkk getting soooo close now :) My wardrobe is seriously getting too full for clothes lol, I've had to reorganise it so all the shorter items, t-shirts, jumpers etc, are on one side so I can stack the gifts higher. Does mean that when the gifts are gone I have more room for stash, so great all round really! ;)


  1. Loved it and Matthew Wright is so gay don't you think?

    1. He is very camp bless him. I can't see him being able to stay until he's voted out he's struggling already

  2. I love it too, can't wait to get home and get all my jobs out the way so I can sit and watch it, also love the other show on ITV2 that's straight after the main one x


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