Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Layouts :)

Finally remembered to photograph the layouts I did the other day :) Will share one tonight and there other 2 tomorrow as no idea when I'll get around to doing more lol.
This is a photo from Turkey last year, I try and get a photo of all four of us as often as I can so holiday is a great time as my Mum takes it for us. I've had these papers for ages and was kicking myself when I saw them in a half price sale as it was one of the rare times I paid full price for individual sheets, won't do that again!
Love this sticker :)
Still no change on the social worker front, woman on the phone knows my voice now lol, won't be long before we're on first name basis. Took advice and wrote to our local MP, I've never done that before so will see what happens.
On other news decided my daughter is a bit of a bitch lol, was watching tv when the coke ad came on:
Me - Ohhhh look kids! That ad is only on at Christmas so when that music starts its almost christmas and its all exciting!!!!
Caitlin (looks at me like im mad) - Quick cameron turn it down.
See, shes mean to me.

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