Monday, 4 November 2013

Elf door

This morning Mark had a Drs appointment. He's had a headache since Monday so thought it best to get it checked. After checking him over the Dr thinks its caused by neck pain Marks had for a while rather than anything else, so has given him some exercises to try. While there though he checked his blood pressure would turned out to be high :( Apprently the medication he takes can cause it so we need to buy a blood pressure cuff, ordered one from boots but need to take Mark in with me as they come in different sizes?! Nothing is easy is it, lol. On that note yesterday I noticed just how much stuff Caitlin had in her room. Honestly there was NO space at all for her to play properly, let alone how bad it would be after Christmas! So as usual once an issue is in my head its all I can think about so set to work sorting it out today. I did toy with the idea of moving her into Camerons room as he's never in his and its much bigger, but I started to then felt bad so moved it all back (Mark said a few naughty words about that lol) It took me the rest of the day to go through all of her toys and pile up the ones she doesn't really play with anymore. I now have a huge pile in my room to sell and donate to charity :) Aim to do Camerons room tomorrow!
Also another craft project done :) Not the best photo but forgot to take another before I parcelled it up. Woops. It's an 'elf door' for another swap on UKS. I struggled with this one as the criteria was bright, busy and Christmasy. The dots are actually bright red in real like and the edge are lots, lots, and lots of little holly leaves I punched out and glued around it. My swapee lives at number 2 so thought would be cute to put it on the door too :) Hope she likes it!

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  1. One of those "wish I hadn't started this" moments!
    Hope Mark feels better soon - cute door :)


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