Wednesday, 9 July 2014

29 + 1

Well today was the day I've been dreading, the big 30, and tbh, it was pretty good :) I woke up to cards from friends, gifts from the kids (chocolate, bubble bath etc) and these from my friend Jess :) I love how well she knows me!!!
This afternoon before getting the kids Gemma and I went for a coffee at the new cafe next to the school. Was so funny. We were sitting having a coffee when the guy randomly brought us some tomato soup! I think he was bored as we were the only ones in there so he cooked some soup to keep him busy lol. I panicked as I HATE tomato soup and thought oh god I'll need to eat this but OMG it was amazing! It had rice and lots of veggies and was quite spicy. Will def go back again!
So walking home with the kids I hear 'Let it go' playing and I knew they'd done something, walked round the corner to see a BBQ party set up in the front garden :) I was so touched! My Mum, dad, granny and everyone was there and Craig was cooking up lots of food. There were party hats too, even Scamp got into the party spirit lol.
So after some food and good conversation it was time to open gifts! I did have a chocolate cake but Mark got me a birthday cookie as usual. I burst out laughing when I saw the icing. :)
My Mum had given me 30 gifts for turning 30. Some were funny, like a new toothbrush, and some were touching, like this t-shirt Mollie had made me with my favourite things on it :) Bless her she had even paid for me to have my hair done and included a voucher for me to go next week.
My neighbour Gemma made me this amazing papercut. She does lots of different designs and I'm so thrilled with this one!
Me and Gemma laughing at something lol
While we chilled out the boys and girls played together. I love this picture of Cam and Cody just being with each other. I can't tell you how great it is for us to have them living next door now. Can't wait until the Summer holidays :)
All in all I feel so loved and spoiled today. :) Maybe being 30 won't be that bad after all.


  1. So glad you had such a lovely day. You deserve it xx

  2. Such a lovely way to celebrate your day! So pleased for you. x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day Gemma. Love love love that paper cut!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day :)


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