Sunday, 6 July 2014

Can't sleep

Ok so I've changed the time on the publishing because its actually 3am Monday morning and I can't sleep! No idea why just wide awake. Truth be told I have a possibly rough week ahead so think my mind is whirring with all that :s
Had a nice day though :) Cameron went to his friends house so I played computer games with Caitlin for a bit. OMG I got my ass handed to me! I've played with her loads of times and I'm usually unbeatable, today I lost 6-1. Embarrasing! lol. Couldn't have that so I've been playing since they went to bed. Next weekend it is on! ;)
Got to love Caitlin, made dinner, shes eating hers then starts giggling. This is why. Shes certainly her fathers daughter!
Cameron was a happy bunny :) Last time my Mum came round she has a handbag for Caitlin so when she popped round for a coffee today she bought these minecraft style glasses for him. He was a very happy bunny :)
Well better try and get some sleep I guess, have shopping and meetings tomorrow and being cranky from no sleep won't improve things!

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