Thursday, 10 July 2014


This morning Scamp was very excited to go into the car, poor boy probably thought we were off to the farm or the park or something. Nope was a quick trip to the vets lol. When we go away next month Scamp is going to nearby kennels (sob) so he needed kennel cough vaccination. He did get a hot dog when we got home though for being a good boy :)
As I had nothing else to do today I was back on hama bead duty. My to do list for these just gets bigger and bigger but tbh I dont mind :) It's like a jigsaw but at the end you have something to use rather than something to go back in a box.
I even have a loooong list of gifts I plan to make for christmas using them :) Got to love cheap gifts!

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  1. Stop giving him human food, not good for him :(


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