Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Counterfeit kit

I looooove this months kit!! I actually looked how much it would be to buy but its pretty pricey and all the way form the US so will have to make do with my own!
After much searching, these are the papers I picked. Lots this month so quite a large kit.
And the embellishments :)
Look I altered some wooden shapes :) I added some rub ons to them to made the pictured ones like in the main kit. The black ones were pretty old and didnt work too well :( But the butterflies turned out great.
hand made flower and lots of pretty brads :)
Added some sunny bunting as was quite a bright kit in the end.
Well even though I've been making kits for months I've never actually used one the same month I made it, so this month rather than putting it into a 12x12 bag like the rest of them I've left it out right to hand. Made one layout already so good start!


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  2. Wow what a cute kit :) I have that same pink butterfly I guess you would call it cutout paper :) Smart move bringing that in :) I just thing you did a fie job on creating your wooden pieces. Good idea to keep the kit out, I keep mine handy too so it gets used :) Have fun and look forward to seeing what you make with it

  3. Who needs to buy when you can pull such a great one of your own together :)

  4. Its as good as the original! Who needs to buy when you can copy like that?

  5. Great kit - very reminiscent of the inspiration kit; and, you've given me a little brad envy. I find it interesting that you were not using them right away - I'm glad you've already made a start on this one.

  6. Love the idea of using rub-ons on veneer - great looking kit Gemma - have fun!

  7. It is a pricey kit! You made a fabulous counterfeit.


Thanks for your comments. :)