Monday, 28 July 2014

Last day :(

This has been such an amazing week. I think it's been the break from all the rubbish going on at home as well as the great hotel, weather, just everything really! We had to check out of our room by 11 but weren't getting picked up until midnight so had loooooots of time to fill with the kids. Luckily we sent them to kids club in the morning while we packed and got all the cases downstairs. SO glad we did that as Caitlin seems to have developed a fear of lifts. No idea why. She was scared of them a while back but then stopped and has suddenly started again. As we were on floor 8 this week was a lot of dragging her into them saying they were safe and nothing would happen. What was our first sight returning to the hotel after dropping off the kids? A mechanic trying to free a group of people stuck in the lift by crow barring open the doors. Don't think we'd have ever got Caitlin on a lift again if she saw that!
When we picked up the kids we were told there was an extra session on tonight from 7-10, a PJ party, did we want to book them in? Um yes!! Perfect! By the time we had played in the pool a bit, got dinner, a quick wash, pj party and nighttime snack it would be time for pickup! :)
So kids all booked in and adults less stressed as we had a plan it was time for our last play at the pool :( We had bought the kids some bouncy balls on elastic at the market which attach to your wrist so bounce back for you to catch. My over competitive Mum got into a race with Cam to see how many times they could do it in a minute.
Mum ended up missing it and belting some poor guy behind her. woops!
The rest of the day zoomed past and while sharing a cocktail while kids were at the party we all agreed it was the best holiday of the 3 we had been on. I think we all know next year circumstances mean it's unlikely we'll be going anywhere but then again I said that this year didn't I? lol. Fingers crossed we can come back one day as it really was an amazing holiday.
Bye bye club mac!

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