Friday, 25 July 2014

Princess for a day :)

This morning we had a surprise for the girls :) We'd booked them in to be princesses for the day! It was a free activity run by the hotel where they would get a princess dress, hair done, make up done etc. They were so excited :)
So while the girls were off being spoiled we asked Cam what he would like to do and he picked crazy golf. Now the rules for crazy golf are quite bendable in Camerons mind. Apprently as long as the club doesn't lose contact with the ball it counts as one hit, so pushing the ball to the top of the hill and into the hole counts as a hole in one. Tiger woods eat your heart out! lol.
He also decided this was a magic ball and only he could use it. Love his mind. :) We were all wetting ourselves by the end of the game, with Mum getting her putter stuck in one of the courses, Mark refusing to get his ball because the hole was full of ants and all of us being generally dreadful at it it was pity none of us had a camcorder for 'You've been framed!'
Before we knew it it was time to go get the girls. They had had a great time and their beaming faces were so sweet.
As part of the day they were guests on the princess parade after lunch, where we all walked behind a big train dancing and singing onto a big stage where everyone clapped for them. My normally shy daughter loved it! I love how confident she gets on holiday, I'm not sure if it's because nobody knows her but I wish she could bottle it up and take it home with her.
Well having crossed 'Eat at Jamies resturant' off my list (kind of) another item off my bucket list is to go in one of this big balloon things! I think it's called Zorbing, I've no idea but its really funny and SO much harder than it looks! No sooner would I stand up than I was on my butt again. My family found it hilarious.
So much so that the kids wanted a go too! Show off Cam was he was great at it! Caitlin got a little stuck but was laughing away as Cameron came to 'save' her.
Tried to get my Mum to have a go but with her phobia of drowning I think it would have killed her off lol.

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  1. Gotta love your kids-did they get to keep the dresses?
    Imogen did sorbing down a hill - there's nothing worse than standing at the top and watching your only child being rolled down it :O


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