Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy happy happy!!!

Well if you're paying attention to my blog (probably just Lesley lol) you'll notice I'm blogging backwards again. This is because the event I needed my bag for on Monday was we were going to Spain!!!! I don't mention it on my blog/facebook etc because I worry people will see and think 'ohhh empty house' so I blog backwards instead once I'm home :)
So after an uneventful drive down to Gatwick (I was terrified) we settled in at the airport. Now on my bucket list is to eat at one of Jamie Olivers resturants, not I'm not sure this counts but we had a slice of takeaway pizza from his bakery so it's something!! lol.
Almost had a heart attack at the airport though, we were going down some escaltors and as we stepped off Caitlin suddenly started screaming at me, turned around and her shoelace has gotten caught and was being pulled under the steps. Mark and I grabbed her foot and tell you what we really had to pull to get it out but we managed it. Could only happen to Caitlin!
After the shoe incident I was all ready tense and I was really worried about the flight considering how many crashes there have been in the news recently but it went fine. We got to the hotel about 5am, dumped the cases and had a couple of hours before breakfast. The rooms were tiny but what a view! Thats one of 7 pools off to the right while the green water is a huge lake to go boating etc on.
The weather was beautiful so the kids didn't waste any time and went to breakfast with their costumes on. After a buffet breakfast (can see lots of food being eaten this week) We dragged the kids to the welcome meeting, got info we needed for excursions and unleashed the kids on the pool. The weather was amazing and as we got sunbeds right next to the pool I could relax and see them easily :)
Mark and my Dad went off to get the kids some slushies (all inclusive, got to love it) and they discovered that they do pina colada slushies for grown ups!! Yum :)
As the kids loved the kids club last time we booked them in for a couple of sessions this time too, including the chocolate party. The point of which seemed to be stuff yourself with chocolate, and play games which cover you in chocolate
Think we're going to have a fun week ;)

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  1. Ha ha, my feedly feed has been rather quiet! Hope you had a great time, sure you did and look firward to reading more


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