Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pretty bag

Ok so I was very good in the Next sale and didn't go and spend a fortune. The kids did need some bits though so today Mum and I popped up town to buy them some shorts and hats etc, and this might have 'fell' into my basket ;)
Was a bit of a drama though as I bought this and a lace shrug for myself. Get home to find a mark on the bag, and a hole in the shrug. It was now 3:30, shops close at 4 and since I needed both items for an event tomorrow we had to rush back up town to change them! The shrug wasn't a problem but there were no more bags so I had to have the marked one, they did reduce it even further to £10 for me so I was happy ;)
As I was up to date on jobs I got back to the Hama beads, ;) Decided to make something for mark this time so making a set of coasters based on Magic the gathering cards. Just need more green to finish the tree :)

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