Sunday, 27 July 2014


Our last full day before going home :( As we hadn't gone to the local market yet Mum, Mark and I decided to get a taxi down. The kids didn't want to come but as we couldn't leave Bri with all three kids I bribed Cam with computer time to come with us ;)
The market was, well, rubbish! I think we've been spoiled by the Turkish market where everything is pennies. I got a pretty bracelet and a few gifts for friends back home but that was it. Everything was either tat or really expencive. Oh well.
Market over we had some more pool time before we went on our second excursion, Pirates adventure! We had gone into holiday mode and before we figured out the conversion rates on day one had splashed out on VIP seats for the show so were a little worried we had wasted our money. OMG it was amazing! I got to cross off another bucket list item as some of the cast were from Spelbound who won britans got talent years ago and I really wanted to see!
As we had VIP seats we went into a special queue in the shade and were given a glass of champagne for the adults and juice for the kids. The staff then came out to chat to us before getting some pictures taken and led to our seats. While other tables were just black booths, ours had a white table clothes scattered with rose petals and a bottle of rose and white wine in a bucket of ice in the center. Very posh! :) The view was perfect with a small stage right next to us and the main stage right ahead. Honestly if we went back I'd pay the same again. The kids were given a free program, bandanas and special VIP lanyards to wear for the show which just made it even more special.
Cameron being a pirate lol.
As they had a little spending money my Gran gave them they each bought 'booty bags' A really good quality cloth backpack which had lots of bits in, sword, earring, eyepatch, hook, magnet etc etc. OK so most of the items could have come from poundland but you pay for the memory don't you.
Before the show started we had dinner and the main cast all came over to chat to us. Each area in the hall is designated a Pirate captain to cheer for and ours was Captain Scarlet. She was so sweet to the kids and Caitlin loved her. Before the show even started we were all in a great mood and made to feel really special.
Photographs were not allowed in the show so as not to put of the gymnasts but it was AMAZING! The flips, jumps and acrobatics were breathtaking. At one point a pirate stood on the small stage by us with a guy balanced one handed on his head (these were spelbound cast unsurprisingly) he then walked off that stage, across the room, onto the main stage and climbed the rigging of the ship, all with the guy still on his head! I'd honestly go back and see it all again in a heartbeat.
After the show the adults were all a little merry from the free wine and sangria which I think gave me the confidence to pose with my fave pirate lol
Mum was a bit more confident than me and actually grabbed this poor guys arm as he was leaving and made him get his picture taken!
Best night out in AGES!

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