Friday, 11 July 2014

Chinese whisper cj

A while ago I joined a Chinese whisper CJ, which was where someone would do a layout, email it to me, I would scraplift it and email it to the next person on the list iyswim. Nobdoy else on the list saw the layouts until the big reveal and it was interesting to see how the layout changed as it went along.
Sorry for all the photos!
FRANCES; Chrissie, Rosie
Gemma, Ally & Maggie
JULES, Caz, Frances
Chrissie, Rosie &Gemma
ROSIE, Gemma, Ally
Maggie, Pauline & Cynthia
CAZ, Frances, Chrissie
Rosie, Gemma & Ally
CHRISSIE, Rosie, Gemma
Ally, Maggie & Pauline
GEMMA, Ally, Maggie
Pauline, Cynthia & Lynn
It was a cheap 'swap' as was all done online so no postage, would def do again :)
So today was all meetings, PTA, homestart and social but on the good note my Mum finally has a social worker!!! Woohoo!!!! Only been waiting since September :s Not doing much tonight, just spending some time with hubby and this crazy pup. All the toys he has and he wants the one hes managed to push under the couch.


  1. Looks like a fun swap to be part of, interesting to see how the layouts change x


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