Saturday, 5 July 2014

Actually dreamed about raffle tickets last night lol

So today was the school summer fair. OMG it was crazy!! After hours and hours of folding tickets it was well worth it. I was constantly taking money, finding winning bottles etc. Ended up making £190 which was more than any other stall! :) Was great fun and I loved doing it and we have loads of bottles left for another one too :)
Didn't hurt that we won a free family swim, and £5 morrisons voucher in the raffle too! I never win anything so was squealing like I'd won a car! lol. The kids came over and played on the games too though were not as lucky. Caitlin won a creepy little porcalain doll though :s that might get 'lost' sometime soon lol.
As I was out all morning I promised the kids I'd play some games with them tonight so Pikmin bingo in my future! With a large glass of wine of course ;)

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