Tuesday, 1 July 2014


OK I always said I'd blog the good with the bad, this week has been more the bad and much as I try it seems to be getting on top of me a little. It's funny really I swing from genuinly wondering how I will get through the day, to being quite positive about the whole thing. There is so much riding on the next 3 weeks, I just keep telling myself get through it and deal with the outcome then, but then what is the outcome is bad, its a constant argument in my head :( I can see why people drink lol.
But OK! I'm currently in a more positive mood so lets go with that :) This month is going to be another of my 'no spend' months. I need to buy Caitlin a swimming costume and Cameron a couple of summer items but they really need them so that doesn't count. Our spending has gotten out of control recently. While we started off the year a little more positivly we just dont seem to be able to catch up with the credit card so this is my attempt to try a little, managed to make a sizeable dent last time so wish me luck!
Tonight I went to Cams future junior school to find out who his teacher will be and who is in his class etc. I was thrilled to find out he's with all his friends :) and better still he's going to have Mollies current teacher who seems really good. So a little good luck anyway!

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  1. It's good to be positive!
    Glad Cam's with his friends.


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