Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Today we had our excursion to Marineland and it was amazing! We started off with a parrot show which the kids loved so much they now all want parrots lol.
There was a giant boat on stage and the parrots were the crew, having to clean it, raise the flag etc. Was a great show, this was Caitlins fave bit where they had to swab the deck lol.
They also got to feed the parrots afterwards. I was surprised Caitlin did it was shes usually shy but she was at the front of the queue.
Next was the seal lion show. It was getting VERY hot by this point (35) so we sat in the shade off to the side. As a result our view wasn't as good as at the front but we didn't melt, which is always a plus ;)
Personally I loved the sea lions as I think they're amazing creatures and love how they move. The kids however prefered the dolphins who were beautiful :) I got loads of photos but won't bore you with them all! This one is my fave though.
After the shows we were all melting so after taking a few more photos (including on where I fell off a wall) the kids played in the splash park for a bit before we ventured home and Caitlin got her first treat by having a braid put in her hair.
Pretty, but it's now a nightmare to brush as I keep catching it! After dinner we went to a nearby arcade where each of the kids were given a euro to go on a ride of their choice. Mollie and Cam picked one of those moving horse type ones you always get at supermarkets. Caitlin however picked a teddy crane machine. I warned her she wouldn't win so it might be better to go one something else but she had her heart set on a Hello kitty teddy that was in there. She had one go and...
I'll never hear the end of it now ;)


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time ... where in Spain?
    Hope you have some great photos to scrap happily for months now!

    1. Alcuida :) Great place for kids, there were loads of parks and things to do.

  2. Looks like fun - I've kissed a sea lion, rather smelly!!!
    I too bet you never hear the end of it too!


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