Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Crazy day

Well today started out easy enough. Dropped kids at school, did some housework, then I got a call from a very nice lady telling me that they had a place for their school in Essex for Cameron, for when we moved there in September. Um, I'm sorry what now?! She insisted that the council had contacted her and told her we needed a place so I made some frantic phone calls to try and find out what was going on but typically nobody was answering!
After a while and a mini meltdown I managed to get through to someone at the council who explained the mistake. For my second choice I had put a nearby Primary school, but when the guy had put it on the form he had put the same name, but junior not primary, which was located in Essex. Bit of a mistake there! Luckily I had caught it before his other place was cancelled but OMG what a panic!
Unfortunately it didn't get any better. Remember how I was getting my hair (which realllly needs done) cut and coloured a while ago, but then a bill came up and needed to pay that, so then Mum booked me in for my birthday gift? Well the next phone call was from the hairdressers canceling as my hairdresser was poorly :( Top it off with losing one of my fave earrings and it's been one of those days where it's hard to stay positive. :(
Tomorrow looks brighter though, Camerons end of school play is in the afternoon so looking forward to seeing that :)

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