Thursday, 24 July 2014

Happy birthday Mollie!

Today was Mollies 8th birthday :) So at her request we spent it by the pool lol. Just after breakfast a lady asked if we were staying and would we like her two giant inflatable fish! The kids were thrilled! Grown ups less so, my poor Mum couldn't even fit in the lift with them so we had to take one up each lol.
At dinner we ordered Mollie a cake as a surprise. Her face when the music started up was priceless! A mixture of 'Oh god what have they done?!' and 'This is fun, but I'm too cool to find it fun' lol
We gave Mollie a few of her gifts (couldn't fit the bigger ones in the case) then went down to the port for a while. The view was stunning and there were loads of stalls and street performers.
There was a huge bridge that went over the port, the kids scared the life out of all of us by continuing to run ahead and up to the sides. Next time I'm taking kiddie leads!
Everyone was so nice to Mollie as it was her birthday, she got free drinks and a lady painted her name for her :) Was lovely to see her so spoiled after everything she has been though.
One performer had a special costume on where it looked like he didn't have a head. Surprisingly all three kids wanted a photo taken with him and he was happy to help.
We were just walking off and he pulled us back and posed with Mark and his walking stick lol, can't wait to scrap this one!
The kids were all shattered when we got back as it had been a full day of sunshine so we missed the shows and had an early night, but had a special surprise for the girls tomorrow ;)


  1. Looks like Mollie had a lovely day :)

  2. Lots of fun going on in your world, loved catching up on your posts full of pictures.


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