Monday, 14 July 2014

It's still Monday?

Today has been a verrrrrry busy day, which is great because I got a lot done off my to do list, :) Will need to pick up the pace a little though as still plenty on it!
Cameron made me laugh though, they were both tired when they came home so we watched a little of 'The goofy movie' before dinner. In it Goofys son Max doesn't want to go on a trip with him as he wants to go to a party with his friends instead. This confused Cameron who didn't understand why he didn't want to spend time with his Daddy. Even when we explained Max was older, and they would feel the same when they were he was having none of it insisting he would always want to spend time with us. fast forward an hour and I'm playing cards with Cam in his room (kid kicked my butt, I'm taking him vegas) and my phone beeps. Cam looks at it
Cameron - 'Um, Gemmas asking if I want to go play with Cody?'
Me *smirking* - 'So do you want to go play with your friend Cameron or stay with your Mummy?'
Cameron - Um, is it ok if I play one more game with you then go play with him?
lol. I don't mind, I probably will when he doesn't want to spend ANY time with me but if he wanted to spend all his time with us and not with his friends, think I'd be more concerned then.
So with Cam out and Caitlin on the PC I did some scrapping, and guess what, I used some of my counterfiet kit the same month I made it! I had planned to use this one for their use 5 triangles challenge, but finished it then remembered that lol. So its just a layout. But I'm pleased with it :) The photo was taken in Turkey a couple of years ago of Mum and me enjoying a cocktail. I made this about being grateful as we have been through a LOT the past few years, but have each others backs and I'm grateful for that.
While in the crafting mood I also finished off the teacher end of year gifts. After much thought and browsing Pinterest I bought these summer cups, filled them with things like chocolates, bath cream etc and tied a little bottle of wine on. I was going to just make a card but Cameron said that was boring, couldnt I make the card DO something?! So I made little hamma bead magnets to go on too.
Can see Hamma beads becoming my trademark or something lol


Thanks for your comments. :)