Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Spain Summer photography scavenger hunt!

While we were away I managed to get loads crossed off my bucket list, and my scavenger hunt list :) Some I might change later but I like them for now. :)
If you don't know what I'm on about look here. Each year there is a list of items you have to find and photograph. Its not a contest its just a bit of fun and its great to see the photos others take as well as inspiring you to take photos you otherwise might not :)
Anyway, while away I managed to find:

3. Birds on a wire
Ok was a little liberal with this as its birds on a wire fence, but counts IMO ;) Took this in the aviary at Marineland.

4. A group of tourists
Us (we were tourists at the time) and a load of other tourists waiting for the Dolphin show again at Marineland.

5. A rack of post cards
My Mum and Dad were having a laugh at some of the more racy ones on this rack, which obviously prompted the kids to come see what was so funny resulting in Mum buying them all sweets to distract them! So had to take this picture lol.

8. A tattoo on a person
Was spoilt for choice around the pool but my Dad picked this one out as the winner. :) Called 'Healing hands in prayer'

9. A bakery
Not a typical bakery! At breakfast about 4 days into the holiday Cameron said he wanted a bread roll but couldn't find them. I pointed out there was a whole wall of bread rolls as you enter the resturaunt! 'Oh yeah' was the reply.

12. A mascot
Cam and the Harrods bear at Gatwick airport (would have bought him this if he wanted it and we couldn't find Teddy)

13. A sunrise
This didn't turn out as well as in real life as it was taken by my phone, but this is the sunrise from the plane on the way home.

14. A parade
The princess parade the girls took part in at the hotel :)

15. A juggler
There was a group of acrobats at the hotel one night and I took loads of pictures but not many turned out :( Did get this one though of a woman juggling a table with her feet!

16. A sign in a language other than English
Another Marineland one

17. A lamp post
Pretty lamp post by the lake at the hotel.

18. A water fall
Marineland again! Beautiful one though :)

Still have a few to go so will be keeping my eyes out! Managed them all but one of the extras last year so hoping to get every single one this year :)


  1. Great spot for clicking off items on your list...cute about finding a bread roll and the princess parade.
    That is quite a juggler you found = Wowee!
    That tattoo is very seeing your photos!
    oxo from Virginia USA

  2. Wonderful tat, and your mascot is perfect!

  3. Brilliant waterfall and an ace juggler!

  4. What cute little tourists! :-)

  5. I bet nobody else else will have a juggler like yours! Looks like you had a wonderful break.

  6. Great photos especially the waterfall :)

  7. Great pictures! I found a plate juggler, but I like this one even better..definitely a winner :)

  8. Wow - some really great shots. Love the tattoo shot and what a great mascot. I do think that's a perfect way to capture a sunrise (one of the few places I've seen one). Love the postcard story, too.

  9. Great photos, a fair few ticked off there :)

  10. So many photos ticked off your list! Well done! I love the postcard story.


Thanks for your comments. :)